Squares and Rectangles

The thoughts and aspirations behind squares and rectangles are using shapes in the same format as the frame of the image only in diminished sizes, and here I have chosen prime numbers as a tool, to explore the possibilities of resolving the focus of the image from one or a few points, as it has largely been customary since the discovery of the vanishing point perspective, to several focus areas scattered throughout, or most of the visual area, and not only to a limited part of it, as seen in many other abstract visual art with multiple focus areas, so that By keeping the focus one or two sizes of the shapes on the image surface, the attention diminishes from the other sizes that were previously focused on and thus there can be many images in the individual image. This assumes that the individual figure sizes are roughly equivalent as focus objects, so that there are not one or two figure sizes running with the full attention.

The images are, as in my previous works after the year 2018, almost exclusively made using strokes, and to further try to disrupt the brain, many of these are composed of two or more distinct colors within the same line, which can often only be seen at closer review, quite close. Sometimes I try to achieve this disruption by putting two or more colored lines on top of each other within the same figure.

As a counterbalance to the striking in the shape of the figures, I strive within the striking framework to give the surfaces a more vivid, and different between the different sizes.

The different sizes of the shapes have different degrees of translucency so you can see the lower ones through you upper layers, typically starting with the larger shapes at the bottom, and the smaller and smaller ones at the top. It is possible that I later try to reverse the layering, and maybe also mix other types of characters, probably strigely, into the picture. We will see.